An award for Brigadoon owner


Last March, Cheryl Mackie, owner of the Brigadoon Restaurant in Oxford Mills, was awarded the Leeds Grenville Small Business Centre Lifetime Achievement Award. Cheryl was not on hand at the time, so this past Friday, Jeanette Johnston, Business Development Officer with the Centre, was able to personally present the award to Cheryl.

When asked what contributed to her success, Cheryl said it was due to her faithful clientele, and the fact that she had created a welcoming and personal atmosphere to the restaurant. The Brigadoon has been a major attraction in the hamlet of Oxford Mills and is located in a wonderful historic building, which was constructed as a general store, post office and home around1861. Since then, it has served in many incarnations and is an architectural jewel, beautifully preserved and decorated by Cheryl when she opened the restaurant, using much of the original counters and shelves in the process.

Well done Cheryl, may you celebrate for many years to come!


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