An artistic show of support


Some weeks ago, we published a story about local singer/musician, Ursa Meyer, who had a stroke. Ursa is just 20 years old, so the stroke was a serious shock to Ursa and her family. The good news is that Ursa is making good progress in her rehabilitation, although it will be a long and stressful journey. One problem she faces is the cost of the treatment she has to undergo in order to make that recovery. OHIP does not cover all of the costs of treatment, so other sources of funding are needed. To that end, well-known local artist, Don Munz, stepped forward with a wonderfully generous fundraising project. He offered one of his beautiful works, worth, in his estimation, about $750 to raffle off, with all the proceeds going to Ursa’s rehabilitation.

Little did Don suspect the bureaucratic process in which he was to find himself entangled. Forms had to be filled in and submitted, conditions agreed to, and so on. At that point, other parties came to his assistance, and a joint venture is under way. The Oxford Mills Community Association [OMCA] jumped in. Ursa and her family are Oxford Mills natives, and her father, Marc, was at one time President of OMCA. The current President, Marc Nadeau, arranged the raffle permit from the Municipality of North Grenville, and we at the North Grenville Times have arranged with CoBa Studios in Merrickville to print up the raffle tickets free of charge (many thanks to Joy and Chris at CoBa!).

The aim is to raise about $3,000 through the raffle, and tickets, costing $5 each, will be available for sale at the B&H in Kemptville. Don’s painting will be on display at the B&H also.


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