Over 50 years of environmental research, protection and activism have been supported by the breath-taking artwork of Aleta Karstad.

From the misty old growth on the Cumshewa Head Trail of Haida Gwaii island, BC, to fragile species and habitats of our own Ontario, Fred and Aleta have spent their lives daring to do what needs to be done, regardless of vanishing Government and museum support or contracts over the decades. This is ‘Our Land’ they ‘Stand on guard’ for, down to the tiniest snail or unnoticed backwater.

Winnepeg River

Fred and Aleta also provide public events and education and are in the planning stages with the municipality for a natural history museum in the Kemptville College where the public and school children can have an active role in the fascinating work they do to study, understand, and protect our precious ecosystems!

Fred has built an impressive computer database of species records, currently at 141,500 records. These records are invaluable to understanding climate change, invasive species effects on native species and ecosystems, and help scientists all over Canada, the US, and other contents gather enough data to accurate studies.

They currently care for may of the specimens they have collected, and need support to transfer more to other scientific organizations. 2,716 plant specimens not in museum collections, 2062 in herbaria. 6,516 Mollusc (Clam and snail) specimen records not in a museum collection, 2,484 in museums.

This is a Gold mine of environmental data and will be even more valuable to future generations!

Come meet Fred and Aleta this Saturday, December the 7th, in Bishops Mills and enjoy some treats and good holiday cheer!


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