by Pat Babin

Thanks to Aldine Ardron, Colonel Donald McLauchin recently moved to the Bayfield Retirement Manor. Not a typical tenant, he occupies a special niche on the east wall of the manor library. Yes, the Colonel, who was the subject of a life-size painting by Mrs. Ardron, has found a home.

A self-taught artist, with no formal training, Aldine spent two years completing this canvas. Never having seen the Colonel, Aldine studied a number of candid photographs including those showing details of his highland dress, his family tartan, the crest on his tam, and the claymore. The tartan became most challenging! Because lighting was critically important, she carried the canvas from room to room during these twenty-four months. Talk about perseverance!

Mrs. Ardron, who has lived in Pointe Claire, Quebec, and Orleans, Ontario, is adjusting very well to Bayfield. A resident she misses very much is Mary Bowrin who recently passed away. “Mary was always encouraging me – a real morale booster.”

In closing Aldine recalls the day the Colonel finally saw the portrait. Remember that he never posed for it! “He seemed quite surprised and impressed. The resemblance was very much like him – even the twinkle in his eye!”

If ever you wish to visit the Colonel, please contact Bayfield. It can get lonely in the library.


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