Additional lots planned for Merrickville Estates


The developer of Merrickville Estates made a presentation to council with an announcement and a few requests. Chuck Fournier gave council an overview of the status of the first three phases of the Merrickville Estates subdivision. All the lots in phase one and two are sold, with lots in phase three expected to be sold out by 2020.

Chuck announced that there will be an additional two phases added to the subdivision, estimated to roll out in 2021. Phases four and five is 180 acres connected to phase two containing an estimated 60 lots. He also asked council for a couple things to help make the subdivision more attractive to potential buyers. The first was to include the paving of HF McLean Road between County Road 15 and Collar Hill Road (which leads into Merrickville Estates) in the 2019 budget. It is estimated that the cost of paving the 950m section of road would be around $75,000. Chuck thinks it would be a good investment for the village, considering it is the main access point to Merrickville Estates from County Road 15, and having the road paved should increase property values in the subdivision.

The second request was to have the municipality look after plowing the streets in phase three. Right now, the municipality plows the roads in phases one and two. This would add an additional 700m of plowing for municipal workers in the subdivision.

Council received the presentation, and Mayor Doug Struthers instructed staff to come back with a report to council about both requests.

The subject of Merrickville Estates also came up in the public question period at the end of the meeting. Merrickville resident, Ivan Wood, is concerned about the lack of parking spaces available for those that use Scotch Line Road for leisure activities, because of the new development. “Is there a plan for a parking lot, so residents can park and use the trail?” he asked. Council told him they would relay the message to Chuck Fournier, since he left the council meeting after his presentation.


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