This was, in fact, the third school in the area, but the other two log buildings were located to the east and west of the crossroads, one near Johnston and Muldoon Roads, the other on lot 12, Con. 2, about a mile to the west of the crossroads. The school in the picture was built in 1858 to replace both of those log buildings, and was in operation until 1905. It was on the same site as the current building, between it and Acton’s Corners Road. The children in the photograph were probably the last to attend this school before the new building opened in 1905.

They are:
Front row: L. Barnett; W. Hillis; F. Hillis; F. Cassidy; D. Mclennan; A. Kelso; W. Weidmark; H. Beggs; A. Thompson; G. Payne; ? Payne; ? Mclennan; E. Kelso.
Back row: A. Cassidy; I. Howey; J. Thompson; B. Weidmark; M. Kelso; W. Stewart; J. Payne; M. Crozier.



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