by Michael Whittaker

Accidental Archaeology is an exhibit by the Rideau Valley Archaeology Society (RVAS) displayed at the Merrickville Public Library for the next few months.

The artifacts on loan from members span about 10,000 years of history from a Paleoindian chert point to a mid-20th century glass nail polish bottle. Most of the objects were found locally, but range from beaches in P.E.I. to a farm in Battersea, Ontario. None are ground-breaking discoveries found on professional digs. They are randomly found elements of our history with stories to tell, if we listen.

Simply, archaeology is the study of human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artifacts and other physical remains uncovered. The exhibit has pipe stems, musket balls, a bayonet, pewter and copper utensils, glass bottles, and more.

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Some of these 18th-century artifacts from P.E.I, are in the RVAS exhibit.


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