A word of caution and clarification


It has been brought to our attention here at the Times that there is a company, based in the U.S., that is offering deals to our readers. If someone has figured in a story in the Times, the company contacts them and offers to mount the article on a plaque for them. These plaques are quite expensive, starting at $214 US. The company is called That’s Great News, and we are unsure how they find the contact information for our readers. Their correspondence states that “We’ll contact you when we see you featured in a press article”. The main point we wish to make is that they are not in any way connected with the Times, and have not asked our permission to use the material, nor our logo, in making these plaques.

As they are based in another jurisdiction, there may not be any way for us to object to their use of our name or brand, whatever the intellectual copyright law may be in such cases.

It may be noted that they do state, though not in a clear and obvious way, that their company is “not affiliated with The North Grenville Times [sic]” They do state “All Rights Reserved” in relation to their plaques, whatever that may mean.

This activity may, or may not, be legal; but it is rather bad business practice, in our opinion. In any event, such plaques can be easily made by local people, and probably at a price that is more fair, and charged in Canadian currency. A definite reason to shop locally.

Note: if you receive an email from this company (That’s Great News), we would suggest you click the unsuscribe button at the very end of the email).


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