With all this changeable weather, it is a job to know what to expect at our garden feeders as the birds seek some sustenance from the food that we provide for them as a temporary substitute for their own natural wild supplies. Of course at this stage in the winter, they have grown used to us supplying  this need, and I try to keep them satisfied daily so as not to deceive them when they do come and I haven’t yet replenished the feeders. Of course, my reason for doing this is somewhat of a selfish gesture too, since they provide us with so much enjoyment when they do come. The other day we had a nine year old grandson visitor, so I had the opportunity of getting him involved in my bird watching hobby. He helped with the stocking of the various feeders that we have in front of the house, and then I let him use my camera to have a go at capturing some pictures of them himself. Thank goodness for digital cameras and not having to count the cost of just snapping away “ad infinitum”, which we who remember, had to do, being limited to twenty four or thirty six pictures, before your film ran out! How did we survive!? He “had a ball” and got some quite reasonable shots of what he was pointing the camera at. With a little bit of computer juggling, he now has a few memories of his own to look at, when he revisits us!

I had hoped that he would get to see some of the more colorful birds during his visit, but this didn’t  happen because the Cardinals and the House Finch didn’t put in an appearance. I, on the other-hand, had managed to get some pictures a few days before of the lone House Finch who has become part of the Goldfinch group, who visit quite regularly to feast on the Nyger seed. The Goldfinches seem to tolerate him, although he behaves somewhat skittishly when vying for a spot on the hanging feeder with them, but he does get to feed too.

Hopefully, you are still being able to get to your own feeders and are enjoying seeing the birds; but please make sure that when you venture out to your feeders that you stay safe and well.

John Baldwin



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