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Maureen and Terry McCleery had been going to Tim Horton’s at the Kemptville Mall for years, part of the local flavour of the coffee shop. They had formed a daily pattern: Maureen and Terry would stop in for breakfast, and then they would go off to do their shopping. As Terry’s health declined, it became harder for Maureen to get him in and out of the car, or to leave him unattended. However, the staff and clients at Tim’s were there to support her. There was always someone there to keep an eye on Terry while Maureen left to do her shopping. Terry had his daily paper and coffee, conversations with other patrons, and was quite content to be left there. It was his favourite place in town. Maureen had the secure knowledge that he was never alone, only a phone call away, should she be needed. The staff kept a close eye on him.

Upon hearing of Terry’s death, the staff donated $75.00 to the Heart Institute, and Ingrid, the owner, matched it with another $75.

When talking to owner Ingrid here is what she had to say:

“Terry will always be remembered by us…enjoying his Timmy’s coffee sitting at his favorite table (bench seat), newspaper in hand, while greeting and catching up with other patrons.
I’m very proud of my Team and their heartfelt appreciation towards our Guests, who have over the years, become our extended family.
I am grateful to have each and everyone of them represent myself under the Tim Hortons banner.”

Maureen will always be grateful to the caring staff at Tim’s, and their generous donation on behalf of Terry. This is what makes Kemptville and other small towns so special. We know our people.


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