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Arthur McGregor is a well-known and respected musician in these parts, and the founder of the late lamented Ottawa Folklore Centre. Like so many others, he has been affected by covid-19 in a very personal way. His mother, aged 91, is living in an assisted living home in Mississauga. Because of lockdown restrictions, Arthur has not been able to visit her in person for some time, but he and partner, Wendy Moore, have been using Zoom to keep in touch.

A request from his mother inspired Arthur and Wendy to write a special thank you song for frontline workers. As Arthur explains: “For her birthday, we Zoomed her a performance of our songs that she loves. The show lasted about a half hour. At the end, she asked if I could write a song about the people who have been helping her through this tough, lonely time. So I did. It’s called ’Thank You All’ and it’s dedicated to all the front line workers.”

You can listen to the song here:

Thank You All

words: Arthur McGregor and Wendy Moore, Music: Arthur McGregor
We’ve got to thank you all
For answering the call
Keeping covid to a crawl
You’re keeping us safe
We all think you’re fine
You’re standing at the front line
Not trying to get a headline
Just giving folks their breathing space
Doctors, nurses and corner store clerks
Care staff, cooks and postal workers
Paramedics, police, folks who stock the shelves,
The people helping those who can’t help themselves. Fire fighters, mental health and addiction counsellors Grocery staff, cleaners and food servers
Folks who drive the buses and deliver our goods Custodians, shelter staff, in our neighbourhoods…..


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