The Signs & Stitches team includes (l-r): Tony Laforest, Laura Laforest and Jodi Ferguson.

by Jane Adams

They’ve been popping up all over the countryside – signs of support for front-line workers. And the WDMH team has noticed and is very grateful! Thank you to Signs and Stitches in Metcalfe for spearheading a great fundraising and spirit-boosting campaign. Signs were sold for $20 each and the Signs and Stitches team recently donated a cheque for $1500 to the WDMH Foundation. And if that’s not enough, they also donated seven extra signs for posting around WDMH!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped raise these funds for such a great local cause,” noted Tony Laforest on the company Facebook page. “And thank you to all the important frontline workers at both Winchester District Memorial Hospital and the Dundas Manor!”

“This was a unique fundraiser and particularly meaningful during these extraordinary times,” said Cindy Peters, Manager of Direct Mail & Events at the Foundation. “We are so grateful to Tony and his team, and to all of the people who planted a sign on their front lawn. We are all in this together!”


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