A New Year message from Mayor Struthers


Life experiences. So often those experiences can be a solid foundation for our future. Twenty four years ago Merrickville-Wolford declared a state of emergency – as did most of municipalities in Eastern Ontario. Yes – it has been twenty-four years since the Great Ice Storm of 1998!

No doubt, it was a challenging time, with some having no power for up to 21 days. The task at hand was to keep people together, keep them warm, keep them fed. Job done.

Definitely, a simplification of what we did individually and collectively. The stories are legendary of individual sacrifices, volunteerism, and our municipal emergency response led by our volunteer Fire Department.

As much as we learned to help one another, we also learned the importance of helping those who help us … our front line workers. During the Ice Storm, it was indeed our Fire Fighters who put in 12, 14, 16 hour days serving and protecting us – and at the end of the day might have gone home to a cold, dark house.  We needed to help them – and by and large we did.

And here we are in 2022, 24 years later. We need to remember to be kind, supportive, and appreciative of those who are serving and working to protect us from COVID 19. Our Fire Fighters, our Municipal Staff, our business community.

We are at a stage of the pandemic where we are yet again being asked to reduce gathering opportunities, maintain practicing the recommended guidelines – wear a mask, distance, get your vaccines!

While the impact of this recent Covid variant may be mild, it is only mild for “some people”. We cannot forget that it is still potentially deadly. We need to protect our health care system, protect and preserve our essential service work force, protect our businesses and staff.

And a reminder that restaurants have great takeout menus. And, if concerned about retail shopping, well, most businesses offer online and/or curb side pickup. Yes, we can and need to continue to support our business community.

Merrickville-Wolford is a great municipality – full of amazing community spirit, support and appreciation.

We are at another phase of the pandemic where we are being asked to pull back so we can get back … back closer to normal life again.  

Please continue to do your part. Your friends, neighbours, business, and municipal staff need you to continue to do your part; be part of the foundation of our future!


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