A new season begins for the Kemptville BIA


by Paul Cormier

When the mums appear at local outlets, it’s a sure sign that fall is upon us. The level of activity of the community has a tendency to sharply increase right after Labour Day, and certainly once the official first day of Autumn approaches. Businesses in the downtown gear up for the cooler weather and, already, community groups are booking their festive season parties in local restaurants. It is hugely gratifying to the Old Town Kemptville BIA to see businesses thriving in the municipal foot print that we serve.

The next big event in town is, of course, the upcoming Municipal elections. Elections for municipal government are held every four years on the fourth Monday of October. The next municipal election will be held on Monday, October 22. By the way, the last municipal election was held on October 27, 2014. We of the BIA wish every candidate the very best in their bid for office. It’s a good thing to remember that those who are not elected are still deserving of our utmost respect: they are, after all, aspiring to be in service to our community. So, it is really important for every eligible voter in North Grenville to support their favourite candidate and turn out on Election Day. Good voter participation is a sign that we care about our community.

We will be having our Annual General Meeting in late November, and will be looking for some new Board of Management members. Speaking of service to the community, the BIA Board is made up of volunteers who invest their time in the development of the downtown. Our job is to work with the various partners in the community who seek to advance the cause of all of North Grenville, and our part of the overall effort is to serve the downtown. As you are surely aware, downtowns across Canada struggle to find a place among the businesses that congregate in large developments, such as we have in North Grenville. We of the Old Town Kemptville BIA feel that a thriving downtown, established in the midst of an overall healthy economic picture, is key to the strength of a Municipality; we are constantly working to nurture and support our old town businesses.

And let’s not forget the two key events that have been well-anticipated and very popular with everyone over the years: Kreepy Kemptville, which will take place this year on Saturday, October 27, and the Kids’ Christmas Downtown, on Saturday, December 8. Please place these key dates on your Must Do Calendar of Events. If past years are any indicator, we are in for another great fun time in downtown Kemptville!


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