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Two years ago Tyler Cameron, from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry [MNRF], Kemptville, felt a need to reach out to the food banks here, and see how MNRF could help the needy in the area. Last year, they teamed up with the Salvation Army and House of Lazarus [HOL]. This year, they felt they needed to focus more on a food drive, and since the Salvation Army already had their own, they decided to focus on HOL for their drive, and give all cash donations to the Sally Ann.

What’s different this year is that they have coordinated with HOL and the Independent to zero in on specific food needs. With the help of Steve and Sylvia Jonsson, bags of goods were made up, which could then be purchased by customers for ten dollars. As I was passing through, I happened to meet Dana Morris who had just donated 20 bags. He said: “I know what it is like to be poor, and I feel I need to give back.” And as for Tyler, he felt inspired by what he was seeing others do in the community.

A creative and generous initiative, which makes it more convenient for those wishing to donate food, and a great idea for this and future food drives.


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