A film made entirely in Kemptville


Local filmmaker Mikey Tachuk and his team have made North Grenville proud with a film made exclusively in Kemptville. While Mikey is certainly not the first person to film movie scenes in North Grenville, having the entire film shot locally makes it extra special. 

The film, called “Impulse Control”, covers interesting subject matter. “It explores the obscure, nonsensical thoughts that pop into our brains on a daily basis, and what would happen if you had to act on those ideas,” said Mikey. “Some impulses are dumb and pointless, like dumping a coffee on the floor, but sometimes, that little voice in our heads is exactly what we need to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone.”

Mikey is someone who might be described as a natural-born filmmaker. At the age of just 11, he picked up his dad’s point-and-shoot digital camera for the first time, and his journey started from there. He has loved making films ever since, which led him to attend Humber College Lakeshore Campus to obtain his Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Media Production. “There’s something so special about capturing a moment in time on video and being able to rewatch it over and over again!” added Mikey. 

It is no secret that North Grenville is popularly used as a movie set. Mikey weighed in on this. “More and more large-scale film productions are choosing Kemptville as their primary shooting location, and I believe this is due to many of the same reasons why we chose to film here,” he said. “The historic town architecture, nature, and accessibility just to name a few reasons. The Town has so much to offer for virtually any type of production – filming in Kemptville is a no-brainer.” Local viewers will recognize locations in “Impulse Control” including the North Grenville Public Library and Geraldine’s Gallery. The film made the top 5 in Ottawa’s DIGI60 Film Festival, and also won the Best Acting Award. 

Perhaps the film’s biggest marker of success was when the CBC picked it up for their television show “Absolutely Canadian”. Mikey and crew were thrilled. “When we first started this project, it was truly out of passion and a fun excuse to make some art with friends,” Mikey explained. “We were not expecting the film the perform as well as it did, and we were genuinely shocked when the CBC reached out to us. Honestly, none of it would have been possible without the people who worked on the project and those who supported us, so I’m extremely thankful for all of them!”

When asked about his future ambitions, Mikey shared big and powerful dreams. “When I think about my future as a filmmaker, I want to focus on using my knowledge and tools to give a voice to those who deserve it,” he said. “Video is a powerful medium, and I feel working with non-profits and charities, creating positive and morally-driven narrative films, and giving individuals a platform to tell their story would be incredibly fulfilling. My production company, Tachuk Media, is always looking to amplify the ideas and good work that people are doing in our communities and across the country.”

Mikey couldn’t miss an opportunity to provide a word of thanks: “I just want to thank everyone who worked on the project, those who donated, my mom and dad, Mayor Nancy Peckford, Rachel Brown, Geraldine Taylor, the Town of Kemptville, and the love of my life, Sarah. If you have a story that deserves to be told, or know people doing important work going unrecognized, please email us at [email protected].” To view “Impulse Control”, readers can download the free CBC Gem app and watch “Absolutely Canadian”, season 23 episode 3. A link is provided here – https://gem.cbc.ca/absolutely-canadian/s23e03.


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