by David Shanahan

It was in 1791 that the boundaries of Oxford-on-Rideau Township were laid out by Jesse Pennoyer, Land Surveyor, marking the beginning of what had grown into North Grenville.

That same year, the old colony of Quebec was divided into two new provinces, Upper Canada and Lower Canada, the boundary lying along the Ottawa River. In 1867, Upper Canada became the Province of Ontario.

So we have two reasons to remember 1791, and that is why the North Grenville Times has published a special 68-page magazine to mark the more than two centuries of history and heritage here in North Grenville.

The magazine is available free of charge to every resident of the community and beyond who wants to have a souvenir of the anniversary.

Given the (thankfully, easing) restrictions we have all endured for so long, we have copies of the magazine available in stores and coffee shops around the municipality, as well as at our own offices and other centres.

We really hope you enjoy the publication.

We’ve had fun and stress getting it ready, and perhaps it will be something to bring out of the archives when we celebrate 250 years in 2041!


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