by Tara McRae

Creativity seems to be at an all-time high these “Covid days”. For some of us, with more time on our hands and in our minds, the dreams have a chance to come to life. This emerging creativity is a perfect pairing with what I have witnessed to be a newfound intentionality in supporting community.

This is how the idea of a collective, physically distanced, art project came

This project looks to bring together multiple perspectives; interwoven and intertwined, though at a distance, as we all are in these trying times.
As part of the Canada Day festivities, Maggie Boyer, Pat Jessop and I invite you, members of this community, young and old, to contribute to this living art piece. We will create a mural, which is designed to represent a patchwork quilt. You are asked to paint a piece of the patchwork with a representation of something that you are grateful for during “Covid times”.

We would like this piece to live on, and to find a permanent location for it, outside, upon its completion.

Covid safety measures will be put in place. All supplies will be provided. Display will be set up at our B&H local Grocers. If you would like to share your perspective and contribute to this art piece, please contact Tara McRae at 613-277-3334, or email [email protected]. You will be assigned a time slot the week leading up to Canada Day to come and paint your piece of the mural.

Let’s make this a community project to remember!


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