A beautiful day for a “BIG REVEAL”


The Kemptville Farmers Market had a special ceremony before the market opened last weekend. Just before noon, a “Big Reveal” took place to present to the public a mural that was painted by several members of the North Grenville Arts Guild [NGAG]. The mural idea was suggested by the Market’s Board to the Guild, which put a call out to their members to submit a design. Four entries were received and the KFM was able to make a selection. Amy Sanchez was the liaison between the Market and the Guild and budget for the project ensured that the standards were set for artists.

Jayne Couch-Molony explained why this was so important. “The KFM Board of Directors accepted the proposed budget because it included a very minimal artist fee and a donation to the North Grenville Arts. This way it establishes a payment for the services, and respect for the services. The Art Groups in North Grenville would like to develop an industry where an artist and a person looking for an art service can become more of a transaction and build the growing art culture of North Grenville.”

Mayor Peckford thanked the NGAG for their contribution to the mural, and also mentioned “how proud the community is of the Farmers Market that has survived and thrived through the pandemic”. Jim Beveridge was also thanked for his support in providing a central location for the vendors to come every Sunday for six months of the year to sell their goods and goodies. “This piece of art is a tribute to his generosity and the community’s generosity”, said the Mayor.

Tammy Keith, the President of the NGAG, thanked the members who put in over 120 hours to complete the project. As the countdown started, the Guild, Council members, and Jim Beveridge were behind the mural ready to drop the cloth. The mural captured the significant representation of our community and will be displayed on the bandstand located in the corner of the B&H parking lot year round.


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