The NG Times Newspaper

by Jane Adams 

The Sisters for Life team has been fundraising to fight cancer since 2013 – and 2021 was their biggest year yet! Despite COVID-19, the energetic team continued fundraising, holding online raffles and auctions, participating in the Canadian Cancer Society virtual Relay for Life, and more. This year’s campaign also included a matching gift campaign with an anonymous donor who is a long-time resident of South Stormont. 

The final tally is in, and the Sisters for Life team recently announced that they raised $35,521.85 for cancer care in 2021! The WDMH Foundation is honoured to be receiving $16,135.93 for the Digital Mammography Fund. 

“We keep saying WOW, and we are saying it again,” notes Justine Plummer, Manager of Direct Mail & Events at the Foundation. “This is an amazing team doing wonderful work, and we are so grateful for their support of WDMH’s cancer program. Thank you, as well, to everyone who has participated in their fun and creative events. And a special thank you to our anonymous matching donor!” 

“Our team members share a drive to fight cancer, and this will to fight is fuelled by our amazing supportive community,” adds organizer Maureen Robertson.

The Sisters say they have a great time planning events that celebrate life, bringing together a community of friends and family who love to connect and have fun. Purpose, comradery, and joy earmark every gathering, and those that attend create memories that last a lifetime. Since 2013, they have raised $200,192.37! 


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