A 21st Century Stethoscope


It’s the gold standard for Emergency medicine – and we now have it at Winchester District Memorial Hospital! A new portable ultrasound machine has arrived, providing immediate care when time is of the essence. The device can help identify diagnoses such as cardiac arrest, internal bleeding, and pregnancy issues. It is also used to support treatment interventions such as draining fluid from the abdomen or inserting chest tubes. It will be used throughout the hospital.

“This device is our lifeline,” explains Clinical Manager Katie Robertson. “It will be used daily and will have a significant impact on the care we provide. We are so grateful to the donors who provide these gifts that help us care for all of our loved ones.”

“This machine was purchased with donations made to the Foundation’s General Equipment Fund,” notes Managing Director Kristen Casselman. “Many people are surprised to learn that the provincial government does not fund the purchase of medical equipment for Ontario hospitals. To help ensure that WDMH has the right tools to provide excellent health care for our patients, the Foundation works with donors who care about WDMH and who want to make an impact. Thank you!”

The total cost of the ultrasound was $71,074.


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