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A survey is underway right now to ask residents of the Municipality for their ideas on where and how North Grenville should be going over the coming years. It is part of the process of preparing a Strategic Plan for North Grenville, something which municipalities are expected to produce every five years or so. In the case of North Grenville, the last such Plan was in 2013, so it is definitely time for an update, especially given the rapid growth we have experienced in recent years. The pandemic has delayed the start of the process which was originally planned for last year.

According to the Municipality’s statements on the Strategic Plan process, the “goal of the plan is to capture the vision and direction for the Municipality for the coming years – in a way that represents the community’s ideas, experiences, and expectations”. To that end, it is really important that those formulating the Plan be keenly aware of what the feelings of the people are concerning their future. After all, it is our future that is being decided in terms of municipal priorities in areas such as housing, jobs, taxation, heritage, tourism, and so many more. We are very happy to give out points of view whenever an opportunity presents itself in the shape of conversations on-line, comments and posts on Facebook pages, or even letters to the Editor of the local newspaper (keep them coming!).

But now we all have the opportunity to speak directly to Council and staff, to let them know what matters to each one of us, and how we feel our community is developing. The survey is available on the municipal website, and only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

Here is a chance for individuals, service clubs, churches, and arts and cultural groups to all have a say in compiling this renewed vision for our community. It is planned to hold public consultations before the end of September, depending very much on how COVID restrictions are eased in the coming weeks. It would be far better if this plan was put together with the input of the residents of North Grenville rather than being left by default to municipal staff to figure out what they think we all want to see. There will be no unanimity in describing the vision for the future perhaps, but it is important that all have their say now and not have to complain after the decisions have been made. This is the time to join the discussion.

To learn more, or ask questions about this project, contact Hillary at 6132589569 x162 or by email at [email protected].

Click here to take the 2021 Strategic Plan Survey


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