Cycling low to make it count ... Krulicki set the play to Brazier, back to Johnny Howie to slam it in for the second PP during the back to back battle with Cornwall Colts on Friday evening for 4 to 2 Kemptville victory

by the sportsguy

Kemptville 73’s moved up the valley to meet Renfrew Wolves and avenge their 2-zip skunk during the Thanksgiving Showdown.

The 73’s owned the first, as Cavallin combined with Lane Morency to bang it past Sebastian Resar at 10:17. Then with an extra attacker from Krulicki over the line to Brazier, back to Matthew York on point for his PP rocket at 16:35.

Man advantage in the second at 6:27 put the Wolves on the board, when Mathieu Parent PPG, with helpers from Miley and Johnson, behind Connor Blackwood. Tyson Tomasini assisted from Hill with Johnson to even it up at 15:31.

Final twenty, Renfrew moved ahead with another PP when Elvis Slack converted from a set up with Scullion and Tomasini at 13:37 to make it a tie game. Float gates opened for Kemptville when Braziier up the wall to Krulicki onto the tape of Grant Eastwood in the slot for PPG at 14:50 to break the tie. Go ahead marker came at 15:49 man advantage, when Lammi found Houle at the line over to Grant Eastwood PPG for his second. The insurance happened with PP as Eastwood complimented Chase Lammi at 19:30 to steal the 6-3 victory.

Renfrew outshot Kemptville 38 to 32 and 73’s capitalized on 4 PP with 8 attempts.

Kemptville pulled into Cornwall to face the Colts on Thursday for a 7:30 start that the 73’s took to task to take 5-1 victory. End to end action for the first until 16:48, when 73’s Brazier slipped it ahead to Krulicki, then back to Evan Beaudry to fly it by Alex Houston. Eastwood passed to Merrett on the point and Patrick Larkin dumped it into the back of the net at 3:15 to start the second.

Final twenty miler Beaudry sprung Eastwood to Patrick Larkin for his second stroke and gave Kemptville a three goal lead at 4:52. Cornwall Jonathan Helse, assisted by Coleman with Speck-Meek, to spoil Tyler Laureault’s SO attempt at 5:14. Kemptville monopolized the rest of the final contest with a man advantage, as Beaudry found Savignac up the wall to Brock Krulicki in the lane to a PPG at 10:06. With an extra attacker the 73’s connected again at 17:26 when Larkin directed the rubber to Merrett that flipped it over to Johnny Howie to ram it home for 5-1 win.

Both clubs counted a 20 SOG.

Back to back challenges for the 73’s and Colts on Kemptville home ice on Friday night at 7:30 proved to be a chippy affair to award Kemptville with two back to back wins. Kemptville came out on fire to draw first blood on a PP when Howie slid it to Brazier across to Chase Lammi PPG to bury it behind Dax Easter at 11:11. Another man advantage, Krulicki cycled low to Brazier back to Johnny Howie on point to punch PPG in at 14:34.

Savignac combined attack up the wall to Lynch over to Ty Whyte on top of the circle to launch a missile top shelf off the bar and in at 8:09. At 12:33 Brazier blew through the neutral zone with Beaudry in toe reversed to Patrick Haughian to drive it home and put 73’s ahead by 4. Cornwall bounced back at 14.49 to break Connor Blackwood’s SO. A defensive and non-call error put Josh Russell with helpers from Helse and Kenn on the sheet for the Colts at 17:46.

Final twenty was swinging doors into the sin bin and leaving it scoreless. The 73’s out shot Colts by 40 to 19 and capitalized on 2 PP attempts, with a fantastic PK and excellent stopping power.

The boys of winter will be on the road for the next three scheduled games.

See you at the next home game when the Brockville Braves are in town on Wednesday, November 3, at 7:00 pm.

Hockey with edge…see you at the game.



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