Form follows vision with results….Friday evenin, Kemptville 73’s dominated Smiths Falls in the Bears Den to post a 7 to 2 redemption win. Emile Trottier gives a salute to his fans as he recorded his second mark of the game after Nicholas Bennett with Matthew Yakubowski initiated the attack

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Kemptville motored up the valley to meet with the Pembroke Lumber Kings for a Wednesday evening excursion to put two more points on their stats with a 4 to 1 victory.

Kemptville drew first blood as the combination of O’Doherty with Whyte to find Carter Vollett in the lane to float it past Issac Wilson at 7:25. Pembroke responded with their only marker of the game when Lucas Lagault with assists from Duck and Hicklin to put it behind Jacob Biron to knot it up at 8:46. Great to see Hunter Brazier in the lineup as he sniped one over the pillows after the magic from Campeau with Melvin for the tiebreaker and game winner at 15:03. Insurance goal driven in as Trottier came on strong with C. Bennett caught Nicholas Bennett going mainstreet for his 13th goal of the season at 19:45.

Both stoppers put on a clinic during the second stanza to keep it scoreless.

Last twenty was plagued with sin bin visits that Kemptville took advantage of when Melvin reversed on a cycle to Nathan Merrett PPG on the line to pull the trigger for a three point lead at 14:25.

Kemptville on the attack with a 43 to 26 SOG and 1/2 PP with their opponents 0/7 PP.

The PK was killer for the 73’s as they shut down the Lumber Kings’ seven attempts with extra attacker.

Kemptville entered the Bears Den in Smiths Falls on Friday evening for another attempt to tame the Bears and record two more points. Domination was on the menu after their lopsided loss in the last contest as the 73’s consistent, aggressive forecheck forced the Bears’ attacks to the outside and planted a hard pounding on their assignments. A stellar performance demonstrated by Kemptville goalie with exceptional skill exhibited by their PK to give them a 7 to 2 victory as they push for playoff berth.

Kemptville came out in the initial period with the jets blazing as Smiths Falls looked like they had lead in their skates. A quick give n’ go up the wall from Vollett back to Bennett on the point to find Matthew O’Doherty gliding through the middle to put it by Will McEvoy at 14:27. Tyler Melvin’s lone effort stripped the jock straps off his defenders to snipe his 18th goal of the season to give the 73’s a two goal lead. The 73’s  failed to clear the zone when Owen Watson with helpers from Hamady and Joss over Alex Musielak after missing a poke check at 17:16 to put the Bears on the board. Man extra for Kemptville when Brazier attacked through the neutral zone with Henry to the magical hands of PPG Grady Logue to wrap up the first 3 to 1.

Kemptville still controlled the contest as Fennell stretched pass up the wing to high flying Brazier unto the tape of Ty Whyte to launch it six hole and chase Smiths Falls stopper at :51. Yakubowski stood the line over to Emile Trottier just above the umbrella to rifle it into the peanut butter jar over Dawson Labre at 2:00. Smiths Falls countered with their final point of the evening when Conor Ronayne assisted from Haynes at 12:24.

Henry’s combination with Melvin with man advantage allowed PPG Hunter Brazier driving hard down mainstreet to ignite a missile at 4:48 to continue their romp into the final frame. Bennett criss-crossed on the line with Yakubowski up to Emile Trottier from the circle to drive it home at 18:11.

Kemptville with a differential of 44 to 22 SOG and 2/3 PP, and Smiths Falls 0/4 attempts.

On the road to Ottawa for a meeting of the Junior Senators with a late Saturday night special to relieve the losing streak as they found themselves in a two hundred foot see-saw contest for a 6-4 win.

First period was fast, furious and punishing as neither squad having scoring opportunities with Kemptville riding the pine twice to open the door for their opponents without results. Yakubowski transitioned to Melvin with Benjamin Campeau by his side to rip it through Connor Shipley at 6:53 for Kemptville opener. Tyler Melvin came to the dance with Hunter Brazier in the slot to rip it in for his 21st of the season to make it 2 zip for the 73’s at 9:48. Ottawa answered back when Emile Villiard, assisted from Sorenson to spoil Jacob Biron SO at 11:45. Junior Senators knotted it at two when Sorenson caught Vincent Velocci PPG in the lane with an extra attacker at 19:35.  

Kemptville opened the second with an extra man and Khaden Henry PPG on his horse pulled the trigger into the mesh at 9:28 for tie breaker at 9:28. Thomas tic-tac-toe to Yakubowski unto the tape of Carter Vollett to punch it home at 10:23 to give Kemptville a two goal lead. Ottawa rebounded as Mickael Hebert with helpers from Gauthier and Grabner to move them within one.

James Taylor PPG capitalized with assists from Murphy and Sorenson at 3:51 while on PP to even it up at four. Fennell up the half boards for Whyte to find Matthew O’Doherty on the doorstep for the game winner at 15:21. Junior Senators pulled their stopper at 18:12 for additional attackers without success. Insurance for the 73’s with Coleman Bennett ENG SHG at 19:27 close out with a 6 – 4 final.

Ottawa outgunned Kemptville 43 to 28 with 2/4 PP and the 73’s 1/2 attempts.

Four straight wins as they push to secure a spot in playoff rounds and try to maintain a healthy rooster for the next twelve games.

Nepean Raiders will be on 73’s ice for a confrontation on Friday, February 17 for a 5th time this season.

See you around the wall…hockey with EDGE. 


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