Our ice, our game....Captain Bobby Dow and team mates making a statement during Sunday's contest.

by the sportsguy

With roster change of Derek Osik, Vincent Roy, to shore up their front snipers, and defensive Brandon Bastasin, and Liam Hunter to support the back end, the 73’s are prepared to mount a playoff attack. Smiths Falls Bears were hungry for a win in the 73’s barn on Sunday afternoon, but were caged with a 6 – 3 loss.

Within five minutes of the first, after Row to Tugnutt to split the “D”, Derek Osik banged in the rebound at 19:03 to give him his first CCHL goal. Kemptville closed out the period being out shot by 15-10 with 1 to zip lead.

The Bears clawed back to tie it up at 19:16 when Ryan Gibson, with helpers from Folkes and Busschaert, to spoil Brooks SO. The 73’s owned the second at 11:46: McGrath with Beauparlant pass and go up the right wing over to trailer Jack A. York to slam it home for go ahead. McGrath ahead to Osik to toe drag, and Alex Row drove home the garbage at 10:33 for PPG. At 2:10, Bissonette, after receiving from draw, over to J.R.York and Dobson failed to squeeze as Tyson Kirkby pumped in refuge to make it 4-1. Then Matt Tugnutt launches his 23rd goal as Osik combines with Row at 1:23 to put 73’s up 5-1. Kemptville buried Dobson with 25 SOG to Brooks 7 and controlled the draws by 80 % to end second.

Taylor made an appearance in the final twenty for Bears after chasing Dobson to the showers. With the Bears on man advantage from late penalty in second, Colt Busschaert, assisted by Franche and Garvey, beat Brooks at 19:37. Elder head mans to Kirkby to spring Joe McGrath for a break away behind the “D” for his eighth of the season to make it 6-2 Kemptville at 9:53. 73’s defensive break down as McKenney, with Lalonde, to find Brent Garvey to wrap up the contest at 4:27 to give Kemptville the victory. Kemptville hammered Smiths Falls 49 SOG to 29.

Kemptville on Brockville home ice Friday night came out with a vengeance, but couldn’t keep the throttle open, as they were defeated in the second and third 5-2. 73’s opened up when Bissonette to Tracy on the half boards to Tyler Beauparlant to launch a missile from point at 18:54. Wichers cycled down get tripped up to Beauparlant and Jake Gaudet on the doorstep for two- goal lead at 6:26. Unfortunately, that is all she wrote, as the Braves controlled the rest of the evening.

Second stanza: Rinaldo found Mack Hancock to shut down Brook’s SO attempt at 18:17. Then Blake Coffey, from Murphy with Varney at 5:02, to give the Braves a tie. Final twenty: the Braves continued to tally the goals without response from 73’s. Logan Blaser from Caruso and Moore at 18:36; Noah Jordan, with helper from Murphy, at 8:53. Bureau and Caruso would continue the damage at 2:50, as Devin Moore beat Hodgins to give Brockville a needed win. Brockville out shot Kemptville 36 to 33, with no slab time for the last two frames.

Come on out and experience “Hockey with Edge”…..support your 73’s.


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