34 Years of Caring


by Jane Adams

June 14, 1986 was a great day for Wanda Douma. It was her wedding day and the day she found out she had a new job at Winchester District Memorial Hospital. “My Dad took the call, because I was getting my hair done,” laughs Wanda. “He told them ‘Sure she’ll take the job, but she needs a week off first’!”

Thirty-four years later, Wanda has retired from WDMH and says she is looking forward to taking it easy, travelling, and spending time with her children and grandchildren. Wanda has seen big changes during her three decades of caring.

“When I first started, you might light a patient’s cigarette. Your nurse’s cap always pulled your hair out, and you were evaluated on how well your uniform was pressed. Today, the patients are more acute and there is much more technology to care for them.”

Another big part of her job has been helping to train the next generation of caregivers. “We have amazing teaching programs with young students who are exceptional. In fact, a lot of students request WDMH because of its reputation.”

Wanda says her biggest enjoyment at WDMH has been working with her colleagues. “I loved them!” she says. Of course, she might be biased about one. Wanda’s daughter, Kaitlyn, now works at WDMH and they had the pleasure of working together for a short time. The caring continues!
Best wishes Wanda!

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