Letter to the editor – face masks


Dear Editor,

On June 12, the Mayor of Merrickville-Woldford, Doug Struthers, also director of the County Health Unit, stated in a letter: “due to the fact that Covid 19 has not been eliminated” that the new guidelines were necessary. Now Covid 19 is a Virus. We do not have the medical capability to eliminate viruses like a cold, the flu, or Covid. The best we could ever hope, at least for now, is find new treatments and vaccinations to help eliminate the severity of these corona viruses. If people that are making the decisions haven’t done their research, or even know what a virus is and its nature, then we are all in trouble. People also have the misconception that, if the virus is airborne, these masks will block the virus. One even said the virus was “magic” if it could get through his mask. Micro droplets can easily pass through even medical masks. Disclaimers right on the boxes clearly state that the mask will not stop Covid 19. That is a medical mask. People are under the perception that the virus cannot pass through their mask. There is a reason that masks are rated. They are tested for size of particulate as to what can and cannot pass through. They also restrict breathing. Proof is, that if anyone with respiratory conditions are exempt because they restrict air flow. It is now the local politicians calling the shots on the masks. Under the Emergency Measures Act they are now making decisions that effect liberties on a local level.

Steven Hurndell


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