2016 Budget before Council


Merrickville-Wolford’s 2016 Budget was tabled at their council meeting last Monday Mayor David Nash reiterated Interim CAO Arie Hoogenboom’s previous statement that the budget presented is positive for the residents of Merrickville-Wolford.

“This is a good news budget,” he said. “Council has heard and listened to concerns expressed by our ratepayers.”

With a decrease in both the County and School Board levy, there will be an approximate one per cent decrease in the tax rate for those owning properties that have not had a change in assessment. A residential home valued at $100,000 will pay $808 in local taxes.

The budget includes an overall expenditure of approximately $3.8 million. There have been no cuts made to current services, and it includes new services like road line painting and weed spraying. The Municipality is also planning to invest $1,132,616 for roadwork on Putnam Road, Ireland Road and Snowdon Corners Road. This amount also includes the purchase of a new grader, fire pumper/tanker and new scales for the landfill. The Municipality will be utilizing $325,000 in gas tax grants and some borrowing to take advantage of low interest rates.

Taxation in Merrickville makes up 69% of the revenue for the Municipality, with the rest coming from grants, user fees and reserves. Council has decided to raise bag tag prices to $2.50 in the Merrickville Ward and $1 in the Wolford Ward to move closer to a user pay system for garbage collection. The Municipality has also budgeted for a study on development charges to make sure new development contributes to future service needs.

This budget will be brought to council and voted on at the next council meeting on May 9. The full budget is posted on their website,www.merrickvillewolford.ca.


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