by Doug MacDonald

There has been a church on the corner of Main East and Church Streets for 185 years. The first church on the site was Trinity, Church of England. This small village church graced the corner from 1837 to 1908. On this same site a larger church was constructed. The Gothic style new Trinity (now Holy Trinity), its doors now painted a welcoming yellow, opened in 1909.

It was the devotion and determination of the faithful pioneer families that built the 1837 and 1909 churches. We celebrate and honour their accomplishments.

Documents name some of the pioneer families of Trinity/Holy Trinity – Mirick (or Merrick), Collar, Read, Giffin, Smythe, McGee, Whitmarsh, Campbell, Boyd, Stone, Jakes, Bowen, Moxley, Watchorn, Hardy, Scott, Armstrong, Duke, Seever, Elliot, Burchill, Carley, Gorman, Wood, French, McCrea, Saunders, Hall, McGuiel, Tilton, Bell, Muckleston, Stewart, Postlethwaite, Mosher, Wylie, Buttermore, Ricky, Wright.

Some descendants of these families remain in the community. Would you be one?

On Sunday, June 19, a special service will celebrate the 185 year story of the Anglican Church in Merrickville. Bishop Michael Oulton of the Diocese of Ontario, the Rev. Andrew Wilson, and the congregation of Holy Trinity welcome former congregants, and linking past to present, invite descendants of the pioneer families to join us at 10:30 am on Sunday the June 19. A potluck lunch will follow the service.



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